Here we go...

I know, it took me time, don't tell me. But here we go, I'm opening my own blog. I'll be focusing on IT technical articles, with of course an emphasize on IBM related technologies. But not only...

Do all the questions have elementary answers? Certainly not! But still, information sharing through a blog can help everybody. First the readers, as they can grab some experience and knowledge, and share there own experience within the comments... Then the writers, as it forces them to formalize their thinking, and evolve this thinking based on the feedback. Questions can then have obvious answers, and thus the "Elementary my dear Watson" makes sense...

As an irony of history, Watson was learning from Sherlock Holmes more than a century ago. Nowadays, we are all going to ask IBM Watson questions. Watson is now the one giving the answers, while still learning from us. I love the relation, even though the IBM name actually comes from T.J.Watson.


  1. Hello Philippe,
    First congratulations for your blog.
    Since your blog will be about IBM related technologies, it would be interesting if you tell about your experience at IBM. For example:
    - The technologies used.
    - The dev processes
    - The tests

    This is enriching to everyone I guess


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