The very first Darwino workshop in Germany was a success!

It happened in Cologne, Germany, where 8 different companies joined us to better understand Darwino and get their hands dirty with the code. It reminded me the first XPages workshop we did in Westford in 2008, before we launched the technology at Lotusphere. Same spirit, with highly motivated people, ready to enhance their existing Domino applications!We had several IBM champions, OpenNTF board members, and even the CTO of the great Multi-OS-Engine.

If the crowd learnt about the technology, we learnt a lot about the use cases and how the platform could be used. Moreover, as Darwino is leveraging a lot of technologies, we figured out that we should make the tool installation more seamless, in particular regarding the required mobile SDKs. We are working hardly on this and we will provide a 1.6 release with even easier instructions.

For this event, we produce 250+ slides that we made available today on SlideShare. If you missed the workshop and want to know more about Darwino, or if you were there and want to go back to the slides, here is the link:

We introduced a Slack channel ( where we can all collaborate together. Please, ask us to if you want to join.We also introduced a new tag, F4Domino, that I used in SlideShare and Twitter: it means "Future For Domino", as this is exactly what Darwino provides to this platform and the community behind it. The life line for Domino customers and developers...

Last but not least, I would like to thank you all the participants who made this event a success. We had a terrific time, during the workshop, but also afterwards when we shared some great German meals and beers. Thanks you also to IBM who hosted us these 3 days, and in particular Christian Holsing who made it possible.