Darwino 2.0 is out!

I'm very exited to announce that the official Darwino 2.0 has just been released!

It had been a long journey since the previous release but most of our customers are already using the pre 2.0 release, aka 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT in maven terms. This means that this release has already been tested in many contexts and is thus very stable.

The main topics for this major release are:

  • Creation of new web and mobile applications
    - Provide the best user experience even when the device is offline
    - Leverage of the latest technologies, including ReactJS
  • Modernization of existing applications, in particular Notes & Domino
    - Liberate the Domino data and take advantage of any data reporting/analytics tool
    - Get your existing Notes/Domino apps on mobile device with notifications
    - Create modern mobile applications connected to your IBM Domino data
  • Migration of IBM Notes/Domino applications
    - Incremental migration to minimize the risk
    - Use of modern technologies and development tools
    - Integrate with MS Sharepoint, Office 365 or other platforms, like Oracle Cloud
  • Many additions and enhancements to the existing APIs

I bet that the mobile client is going to be popular in our community because... Well, read my next post :-)

Bellow is a list of the most noticeable features in 2.0:

Darwino for mobile devices

Darwino mobile client
Darwino provides a generic client that renders server side web applications and handles IBM Cloud notifications. This client is available for both iOS and Android, in their respective application stores.
This client can also be fully customized as the full source code is available. For example, one can white label the application with a custom icon, look&feel, options...

Multi-OS-Engine instead of RoboVM
Darwino switched to MOE as RoboVM is no longer available since it has been acquired by Microsoft. Darwino 2.0 supports the latest version of MOE. Thanks Migeran for doing this great product!


Notification framework
Darwino provides a notification framework that executes actions based on events. The framework can detect data changes in a database, including domino databases, and run actions like a mobile push notifications, notifying IBM Workspace, sending an email or whatever a piece of code can do...

Microsoft Azure active directory support
Darwino features a driver to consume Microsoft Azure active directory services

Microsoft Sharepoint integration
Darwino integration with Sharepoint, including directory access and single sign-on.

More database support
The MS SQL server support is complete, as well as MySQL (the full JSQL requires MySQL 8+).

Darwino DB

JSQL is an SQL dialect dedicated to JSON databases. It allows the full power of SQL queries on top of JSON documents: joins, unions, groups, recursive queries, ... while honoring the document level security. It eventually translates to the native database SQL for maximum performance.

Registered queries
Database queries can be defined on the server side and consumed by name from the client. This is also true for JSQL queries.

Domino @formula
An extension to the query language uses the new keyword $atFormula and allows the use of a subset of the Notes/Domino @formula language in Darwino queries. That makes the migration of Notes/Domino views a lot easier!

REST services

JSON store services
Added some new services to retrieve document content without the meta-data.


Darwino comes with a innovative implementation of FaceBook's GraphQL, allowing both schema based and schema less queries. Moreover, GraphQL queries can be pre-defined on the server side to make them easier to consume

Darwino provides a easy to use JSON microservice infrastructure. The services can be written in Java, Groovy, JavaScript, Darwino Script or any language supported by the JVM.

Darwino Studio

Application Wizard
The application creation wizard can now use templates, also known as boilerplate, to get the developer started quickly. A new template using ReactJS and Bootstrap is provided as part of the studio. The architecture is open and any developer can contribute new templates.

Android studio
The wizard can also leverage Android studio for the mobile applications, instead of Eclipse. This allows the developers to benefit from the latest features provided by Google and Multi-OS-Engine.

UI Builder
Darwino studio features an easy form builder that targets mobile devices. This builder is fully extensible to support more targets in the future.

Darwino for IBM Notes/Domino

Domino Designer
Darwino provides a new Domino Designer plugin that adds a new design element dealing with the notifications. It uses a groovy based DSL (Domain Specific Language) .

Darwino client
The Darwino mobile client detects if the server is an IBM Domino server and adapts some behaviors accordingly, like error handling.

Darwino application
Darwino provides new runtime capabilities to supplement IBM Domino missing features, like JEE filters. Moreover, Darwino applications can be auto-started, for example to monitor events.

IBM Domino import
The Darwino studio can generate a basic UI based on existing IBM Domino NSFs. This feature is a preview, but this is something we'd like to enhance moving forward, to get the mobilization or migration of Notes/Domino import easier.
It also generates JSON Schemas based on the Form definition in an NSF.

Developer tools

Commands framework
Darwino features a command line framework that developer can add to any application to execute administration commands or debug an application.
It also includes a built-in application profiler.

The Playground now show cases the new features like JSQL or GraphQL, but also exposes the REST apis using OpenAPI/Swagger: https://playground.darwino.com/playground.nsf/OpenApiExplorer.xsp